1. Hilton Hotel, Manhattan, NYC


  2. Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin, Texas


  3. Pier 15, Manhattan, NYC


  4. Fun personal project in the works


  5. Spent the week in/around Las Vegas and showed those penny slots who’s boss! Viva lost wages…


  6. New gallery of some recent assignment work on the site!



  7. Rock City…definitely an oddity of American tourism, and a nice view from the top.  Lookout Mountain, GA.


  8. Nashville, TN


  9. Tractor Pull. Viola, TN


  10. Chicago, IL


  11. Bryson City, NC



  13. Made the drive down to Athens, Alabama to cover the recent storms/tornadoes for The New York Times. A not so subtle reminder of the force of nature…


  14. Shot the radio studios of Cumulus Media here in Nashville for The New York Times.  Was able to shoot on-set for Nashville the tv show, meet Connie Britton, drink Crema coffee twice in one day, chat with Kix Brooks (of Brooks & Dunn fame), and hang out with the voice of The Golden Globes…

    Overall a great start to the season.



  15. Busy past month or so around Nashville…

    - Had photos published in a New York Times article about a racial incident at Ole Miss.  The campus statue of James Meredith was discovered with a noose around its neck and a flag containing the confederate battle emblem.  A terrible situation and hope the guilty parties are held fully accountable…

    - Traveled to Austin recently for the Texas Photo Roundup, which was great.  Was excellent to meet new folks, see some old friends, and big thanks to all the editors I met with…hope to stay in touch in the future.  Hearing Larry Fink speak was incredible and hilarious.

    - Still gathering work for the archive, this time it is the NYC Mayors Cup.  Over the course of a few years I was able to photograph all-star sports games for the City of New York, which was tons of fun…a few photos below from these games…some old, some new finds.

    Also be sure to check out my portfolio site…lots and lots of new work on there thanks to some amazing consulting from Wonderful Machine.  Big thanks to Tori for all her hard work!