1. Shot the radio studios of Cumulus Media here in Nashville for The New York Times.  Was able to shoot on-set for Nashville the tv show, meet Connie Britton, drink Crema coffee twice in one day, chat with Kix Brooks (of Brooks & Dunn fame), and hang out with the voice of The Golden Globes…

    Overall a great start to the season.



  2. Busy past month or so around Nashville…

    - Had photos published in a New York Times article about a racial incident at Ole Miss.  The campus statue of James Meredith was discovered with a noose around its neck and a flag containing the confederate battle emblem.  A terrible situation and hope the guilty parties are held fully accountable…

    - Traveled to Austin recently for the Texas Photo Roundup, which was great.  Was excellent to meet new folks, see some old friends, and big thanks to all the editors I met with…hope to stay in touch in the future.  Hearing Larry Fink speak was incredible and hilarious.

    - Still gathering work for the archive, this time it is the NYC Mayors Cup.  Over the course of a few years I was able to photograph all-star sports games for the City of New York, which was tons of fun…a few photos below from these games…some old, some new finds.

    Also be sure to check out my portfolio site…lots and lots of new work on there thanks to some amazing consulting from Wonderful Machine.  Big thanks to Tori for all her hard work!



  3. Had some great assignments with The Wall Street Journal as of late…this is a recent one published about asian carp.  Spent the morning huddled down in a boat, flying across the Mississippi River, covered in sleet and rain.  Finished the day at a fishery in Kentucky.  Big thanks to everyone that helped out with the story! Link to story here



  4. Got a call from The Wall Street journal to cover the changing cultural scene of Nashville. Sounds about right that the city would be a new hotspot for reality television (article here).  Either way it was awesome having a reason to explore different neighborhoods and chat with some great folks.




  6. A few months back I returned to my hometown of Omaha to help my grandma move out of her house.  While there I stumbled upon family blocks.  I played with them when I was a kid, my dad played with them when he was a kid.  Any family gathering they were strewn all over the basement.  Pretty amazing to see the wear and tear of decades of family history on some painted pieces of wood.


  7. Made the drive to Florida for the holidays. Along with all the xmas fare and warm weather it was nice to just get out there and make pictures…nothing more, nothing less. Gets me excited about a new year full of projects and exploration.


  8. Been quite the unexpected season in Nashville.  Sleet, snow, ice…did I bring this from New England?

    Recently had a great opportunity to shoot for a Chicago-based marketing company at a local Pasta Factory.  I’ve shot smaller factories before, but this was definitely an impressive full-scale operation. Special thanks to everyone on board the shoot and look forward to working with you again! 

    Also drove to Franklin and photographed a healthcare executive for a Wall Street Journal story on job boomeranging. Respect for those who can work a full day with a 2.5 mile run sandwiched in between.

    Heading to Florida in a couple weeks for the holidays, then full steam ahead into 2014.  Have a safe rest of the year!



  9. The spooky fog came a few days early, but feeling like Halloween out there.  Stay safe! Holding out for those 75% off bags of Paydays…


  10. Things are definitely moving along here in Tennessee.  Had a great meet-up with some members of the photography team at Vanderbilt University.  Thanks so much for taking time out of your week and recommending some different art spaces around town.

    Also made a quick trip to Knoxville a couple weekends back, which was great (even if the weather was a bit iffy).  Look forward to visiting different parts of the region, along with digging deep into Nashville.

    The work is continuing on my Photoshelter Archive, but the bare bones should be finished soon.  Lots and lots of New York images to sift through if you have the time.

    Gave a quick refresh to the Greetings From section on my site.

    Personal projects are moving along slowly as well…Rotten has a unfortunate new addition, buy one get one free strawberries.  The slow growth of this series is a positive thing…we have definitely been wasting less around the house, and will try to carry that mentality through the holiday gauntlet.


  11. More than a few balls up in the air right now.  Excited to say that I joined up with the folks Wonderful Machine this week!  I had been patiently waiting to connect with WM for a while now, and cannot wait to work with the folks over there in the future…

    Also took a brief trip back home to Omaha for the first time in almost 8 years. I look forward to spending more time up there with family and building foundations for a potential longer-term project.  Buglewicz family history definitely runs deep in Omaha.

    The rest of my time has been spent organizing the big archive of NYC material (which will slowly replace current work on the Photoshelter archive in the coming weeks), showcasing some long overdue projects on my site (see: Gastineau), and getting in touch with some new client hopefuls.

    A few random pulls from digging, which are all consequently from NYC outer boroughs…


  12. Past few weeks have been a blur, but finally made it to Nashville and settling in nicely.  Before leaving New York I managed to squeeze in a couple meetings with The New York Times and Redux Pictures.  Looking forward to working with them in the future and reaching out to more folks in the coming weeks.

    The last six months before moving to Nashville was filled with commuting.  I was doing a lot of shooting for NYC & Company and helping them run a blog geared at increasing tourism from the UK.  This meant regular riding on the Metro North from Connecticut into the city.  Usually I found myself taking photos out of the windows, which evolved into a small personal project.

    A selection can be seen in my instagram feed, but going to put together a larger edit in the coming weeks.



  13. For over a year now I’ve been working on the Rotten series, trying to discipline myself into wasting less, and making something positive out of a lose-lose situation that is home food waste. The project is definitely continuing in Nashville, but there were some last unfortunate causalities in Connecticut. 

    After a recent trip to Nashville, I came across a forgotten zucchini and green pepper.  The blue rock is cotton candy from a while back discovered in the corner of the pantry.


  14. So it seems about time that I reboot, leave some written word to go along with the photos, and give more frequent updates vs. blocks of random images.

    Big changes are definitely on the horizon, as Im moving out of the Northeast after 5 years, and heading back to the South (Nashville, TN to be precise). Excited to explore a new region, work on some new projects, and perfect the art of the BBQ.

    This upcoming week marks my last working for the City of New York (NYC & Company).  Eternal thanks to everyone I worked with over the years (Kathleen, Jen, Marley, Tagger, Kevin, Nevah…the list goes on and on).  NYC & Company has treated me so well, and helped me experience more parts of the city than possible in a few lifetimes.  A small selection of work can be seen on my site in the New York City section…more images will be viewable soon.

    A good portion of my 2nd favorite season in the city has been spent shooting restaurants, so I wanted to begin with a few images from some different spots (The Queens Kickshaw, The Good Fork, Ovelia, Grimaldis, The Arepa Lady). 

    2.5 weeks until departure.



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